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Advanced AML
Detection Platform

From large on-premise to pay-as-you-go cloud deployments.

End-to-end AML platform

An AML platform adaptable to every company’s needs, from global to boutique financial services firms.

Big data AML

An advanced AML platform that can rapidly ingest billions of transactions from multiple sources without manual input.

Machine learning

The Machine learning programme will automatically suggest rule generation for evolving pattern recognition and cluster analysis.


Fully customisable platform, from data download and escalation tracking to case management and workflow generation.



Extract data from multiple complex systems simultaneously and effortlessly integrate them through the platform’s universal APIs


Run simulations in a Sandbox to refine scenarios in real-time. Use our visualisation software or export data allowing integration with multiple external data analytics software tools, e.g. Tableau

Machine learning

Rapidly deploy standard rule templates and join our machine learning programme to refine and improve existing AML processes


Track threats from start to finish, identify new risk patterns, reduce false positives and automate screening tasks

Platform uses


A machine learning-enabled platform that allows non-technical business users in organisations of all sizes to rapidly build rules and increase efficiency within their Transaction Monitoring processes.


Customer and Transaction Screening

Screen transactions, clients and data against sanction and PEP lists, while leveraging our machine learning programme and advanced fuzzy matching algorithms to sharply reduce
false positives.


client behaviour monitoring

An innovative application that allows you to automatically assess the consistency of accounts against KYC data, re-evaluate risk ranking of customers and automatically identify customer behavioural anomalies.



Ingest, enrich and analyse unprecedented quantities of data from multiple sources in real-time at a fraction of the cost (and in a fraction of the time) of legacy systems. Adding insight, whatever the sector.


See the latest AML technology in practice

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Transaction monitoring

Anti-money laundering analytics

Fully customisable AML analytics enabling multiple non-technical business users to visualise data and track relevant metrics over time.

Simulate, test and deploy

Rapidly test scenarios and assess the impact of new rules and regulations in the platform's ‘sandbox’ simulator before going live.

Manage cases and workflow

Enable your teams to co-manage cases through a single, self-auditing platform that defines and unifies every step of an investigation.

Sanction screening

Ingest client data and import reference lists

Deploy the universal APIs to rapidly import data from internal and external sources and perform real-time searches on specific customer cases.

Build client-matching rules to rapidly identify risk

String-metrics and phonetic algorithms enhance customer screening and matching against global databases of high risk organisations and people, e.g. sanctions and PEP lists.

Rapidly review clients, companies and entities of every kind

Rapidly and significantly reduces false positives so more time can be spent investigating the highest risk clients and cases.

Account Activity Review

  • Machine learning and advanced analytics for automatic pattern identification and risk assessment
  • Process automation and monitoring through workflow and case management
  • Real-time searching over billions of transactions and data-points
  • Easy integration with your existing dashboards, AML and KYC systems

Use our technology to build large scale data-driven solutions

Deploy platform within hours

Rapidly integrate the platform with existing IT architectures both in the cloud or on-premise. 

Easily ingest all enterprise data

Ingest billions of data points and extract data from multiple sources for instant visualisation and analysis.

Predict hidden anomalies

Predict anomalies, uncover suspicious client behaviour, monitor cases and escalate investigations.

Save time with machine learning

Build a library of bespoke business rules and use our machine learning programme to reduce false positives, saving time.


  • Account activity review
    Detect and manage anomalies in account activity
  • Client behaviour analysis 
    Identify business opportunities in client activities
  • General Data Protection Regulation
    Be compliant with new GDPR regulation
  • Forensic investigations (e.g. FCPA)
    Identify bribery, fraud and corruption
  • Intellectual property compliance
    Actively manage your company IP and patents
  • Trade and transaction monitoring
    Detect anomalous patterns and raise alerts

Platform architecture and services

The fortytwo Ecosystem comprises of two components:
  1. Application layer built upon micro-services
  2. fortytwo Business Applications, fully customisable for specific business needs
Data integration:
  • Fast integration through micro-services leveraging fault tolerant, self-healing architectures
  • RESTful APIs as standard for data integration and interactions with platform applications
  • Standard interfaces for common data ingestion (e.g. Flat-file, CSV integration, etc.)
  • Rapid interface development based on proprietary development framework

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